What is Bitcoin Hosting?

What is Bitcoin hosting? The bitcoin for payment solution is probably one of the most convenient way for making payments online. It is due to the best user experience that we are accepting bitcoin payments as well.

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It is preferred for a lot of reasons especially the users can purchase anything online very securely and anonymously too. A lot of times people do not want to show their identity online and the safety of their credit card information and online payments is also of prime concern.

The orders processing through bitcoin hosting is also very fast, smooth and reliable. You can choose to buy any services from us by making payments through bitcoin very conveniently and simply.

We have a fully automated bitcoin payment system where your invoice is marked paid after getting three confirmations from you. The three time confirmation is just to add some extra security to your payments and other personal information online. As of today, our bitcoin exchange rate is as follows:
• 1 bitcoin = 407.02 US Dollars.
• 1 US Dollar = 0.0025 bitcoins.
Following are some of the benefits of using bitcoin:
• You can pay and get paid without any transaction fees.
• You can send and receive money anywhere in the world within seconds.
• It provides great user privacy.
• Transactions are very simple.

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