What is Reseller Hosting?

What is reseller hosting? Companies have sprung up almost overnight that purchase space on a data center's hosting machines and then provide a pay for use service to others who wish to have a net presence.

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These firms provide additional benefits such as web page creation, site design, and management of the site for their customers. Services such as this have become popular, as many would prefer to leave the mundane tasks and maintenance issues to people who have the expertise to do this.

They negotiate with the Internet Service Providers on your behalf to get you a better price, as they lease the CPU/Disk from an ISP, as you would buy a house and sublet. ISPs like this because Data centers resources are purchased in blocks and they don't have to worry about a hosting a single webpage that could go dark, leasing out to resellers guarantees steady cash flow. Cloud Computing has changed things greatly as you might have guessed. The capacity is already there and increasing at a geometric rate, so moving a client's business up to the cloud means more money for the Reseller, as now they are now hosting the client's entire business and providing other services as well.

Generally, the more you pay the more benefits you get. Aside from free plans you can choose pay plans for as little as under $10 a month, so web hosting is certainly affordable. There is something for everyone and every need.

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