What is Shared Hosting?

What is shared hosting? Single servers for hosting just one website is an expensive solution that only large corporations can afford to build and maintain. Nowadays the preferred method is to uses "Shared Hosting" which is where many websites reside on a single machine with its support hardware and software to maintain the data and web environment.

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Sharing of the server is accomplished through various means with the hosting machine either through hardware of software means providing a secure area that your web site or web pages call home. Virtual environments or partitions are created that act just like mini-servers emulating through software making each partition look and act like a real machine.

Hardware costs have come down, so using real hardware has become a viable solution in Data Centers, with mini-servers, which are a web hosting server on a card with which plugs into a larger host. Hundreds/thousands of these servers can fit into one such Megaserver. Large groups of these web hosting Megaservers are clustered together in what is called "Server Farms" for hosting thousands of websites and their associated data. Storage Area Networks are also linked in to provide the massive storage requirements needed for the center's corporate clients.

The most basic of all web hosting services is having a webpage that does provide file hosting that is small-scale in description. Files can be uploaded for small-scale file hosting via File Transfer Protocol or FTP for short or through Web interface. These files are usually delivered straight to the Web with minimal processing and in an "as is" sort of state. Website hosting that is personal is usually free, can be sponsored by advertisements, and is often very cheap in price. Web hosting for businesses can vary in price. The pricing for website domain website hosting can range in cost depending on two things. These two things are the type of website and the size of the website overall.

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