What is SSL certificate?

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the most widely used protocol in practice today. It is preferred for a number of reasons as it provides a very secure channel between any two participating systems over the web or any internal network as well.

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The internet can be an insecure medium especially when it comes to sharing critical personal information, secret data and the online payments. In today’s modern internet world, the SSL protocol is used to very securely link users with the web server over the inherently insecure web . The SSL is basically a transport layer protocol which expects very minor interaction from the user and it establishes a very secure link or a connection between the user system and the web server transparently.

The SSL existence in a network can be checked when the user connected to the internet is alerted by a padlock symbol shown at the top of his browser just next to the URL space.

It is a key and the conformation for the user that he is very securely connected and can use his personal information, critical data and payment information very securely over the inter. The advent of this protocol solved a lot of problems and it is a great satisfaction for the end users.

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