What is webmoney Hosting?

What is webmoney hosting?The WebMoney hosting is one of the quickest payment gateway that we accept for all your web transactions. It is a quality and very secure online payment mechanism and has got several other advantages as well.

  • Web Design

  • Trop host have professional web designers back in office who are well versed in designing unique, nice and sleek designs.
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  • Web Development

  • We have professional web developers who know how to match the requirements of clients and fulfil their demands.
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  • Search Engine Optimization

  • We have some talented SEO experts in our team who are doing SEO for more than 8 years. We only use whitehat techniques
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Following are the two ways to access the WebMoney financial web transactions over the web: • WebMoney (WM) keeper classic with applications.• WebMoney (WM) keeper Light which can be accessed through a web browser.

For superior security and user convenience, we advise our clients to opt for the WM keeper classic by deploying the application. The following are the steps required for transferring money over the web using the WebMoney Services:

• Login using the WebMoney application.• Click on Menu  Send Money.• Click on Z purse when you are presented with the transfer form.• Enter the recipient or the transfer destination first in the form.• Next enter the amount that you want to send.• Enter any description if you think is relevant with the payment you are making.• Then click Next.• You should be then presented with a conformation display window.• For added security, you will be required to enter the numbers shown in the window.• Click next and your payment will be processed.

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